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Jeremy Keller US Senate


Stop the Vaccine Violence!

My campaign seeks only to aggregate clear thinking Americans who still possess a functioning conscience and a robust intellect capable of identifying that which is ACTUALLY unfolding before their very eyes.

The most important issue that we collectively face not only in the U.S, but Globally, is the willful premeditated murder being carried out by injection against the populace, through coercion and intentional obfuscation of the facts by rapidly accelerating authoritarianism exercised by governments, corporations and their media accomplices.

My campaign does not seek to convince anyone that this is in fact what is occurring. If you do not yet realize that something is very wrong, you aren’t likely to realize it until you or yours join the ranks of the nearly one million still living, but mildly to severely “vaccine” injured that fill the CDC stat sheet known as VAERS; 30,000 of whom are permanently disabled, and 19,000 of whom are dead. The numbers of permanently and tortuously injured and or dead are likely much higher than any database can establish. Time will ultimately tell, but unfortunately, we are running out of it.

My campaign will be committed to providing a voice for those who still possess the courage to speak the truth.

My campaign will provide the platform for those who have been injured and/or killed by the Bio-Weapon, otherwise referred to as “the jab”, to tell their stories. And their stories are heart wrenching. My heart breaks for them, and I Will Not pretend that their immense collective suffering isn’t happening. On the contrary, with your help, I will shine a light into their darkness.

My campaign will exhaustively document the fact pattern of willful intent behind the development of the Covid Narrative, the engineering and creation of the bio weapon otherwise known as the Covid-19 vaccine, and the pre-meditated deployment of it against the global population. But I cannot instruct the unwilling in the fundamentals of reasoning; the art of stringing together ACTUAL facts in the attempt to arrive at rational conclusions. In other words, if you get your information about how things are from the institutional accomplices in the media, the regulatory agencies and Big Pharma, then you are likely unreachable and aught to support those selling sweet tasting fictions. They abound.

My campaign is for those Americans who understand fully that the safety of any substance is a function of whether or not it is actually SAFE, not a function of how many low IQ talking heads and bureaucrats say that it is safe.

We find ourselves, not in a crisis of the unvaccinated, but in a crisis of cowardice and stunted intellectual functioning.

This campaign suffers from neither.

If you feel as I feel, and see as I see, then please join me for the most candid campaign in recent memory. And if you have the means to contribute to the cause, please send check, money order, or cash to:

Jeremy Keller

Box MXY-83


Glennallen, AK 99588